The 8 Best 900cc Motorcycles – The Ultimate Guide

900cc motorcycles are normally used as tourers or adventure bikes for leisure and recreation. These motorcycles are considered to be luxury bikes, and so they’re usually quite expensive. It’s therefore smart to check out the best 900cc motorcycles on the market to help you make the right choice.

The 8 best 900cc motorcycles are:

  1. Kawasaki Z900 ABS
  2. KTM 890 Duke R
  3. Yamaha MT-09
  4. Ducati SuperSport 950
  5. BMW F 900 R
  6. Triumph Tiger 850 Sport
  7. Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic LT
  8. Yamaha V Star 950 Tourer

In this list, there is something for everyone, as each of these bikes is designed to attract a certain type of buyer. Recreational riders, speedsters, and those in the market for a new bike are all catered for, so keep reading to find out which bike is just right for you.

Who Should Buy A 900cc Motorcycle?

A 900cc motorcycle is ideal for riders with experience that want to upgrade their motorcycle to something with more power. These bikes are usually too heavy and too powerful for beginners, and they’re better suited to experienced riders that need a comfortable tourer, adventure bike, or sports bike.

What To Look For In A 900cc Motorcycle

What You Need

Before buying the motorcycle, first decide exactly what the motorcycle is going to be used for. If you intend on touring with a passenger then you need a bike with plenty of space for the pillion rider

Fuel Economy

900cc bikes are big and powerful, and many riders will use them to travel long distances. In this case, you’ll need to factor in fuel economy as this will have an effect on the long term cost of owning the bike.

Extra Features

Given the prices of these bikes can reach well into five figures, it’s worth considering what else you want to get for your money. You might want technical and performance features like ABS, or you may like to have the latest instrument panel technology. There’s a lot of variation out there, so it’s worth considering what extra features you need before you start browsing. 

How Fast Are 900cc Motorcycles?

900cc motorcycles can generally reach top speeds of about 150-170 mph (240-275 kph). You can expect about 10% to 20% less speed than what is specified due to weight, road, and other conditions. 900cc bikes tend to have enough power to carry two people comfortably at high speed for a long time.

The 8 Best 900cc Motorcycles

1. Kawasaki Z900 ABS

Engine Type: Inline four-cylinder | Engine Capacity: 948cc | Top Speed: 139 mph / 224 kph | Max Power: 126.7 HP | Max Torque: 73.1 lb-ft / 99 Nm | Wet Weight: 467 lbs / 212 kg | Seat Height: 31.5 inches / 80 cm

The Kawasaki Z900 ABS is available in two colors, and both look excellent. In the Kawasaki Z900 series, there is another model named the Kawasaki Z900 SE which costs more, but this section is relevant to the Kawasaki Z900 ABS only. With plenty of features to justify the hefty price tag, this bike has it all.

The Kawasaki Traction Control is great for wet roads along with the premium Dunlop Sportmax Roadsport tires that are fitted on both wheels. The LCD instrument panel has an Economical riding indicator plus a few selectable riding modes. The Kawasaki Rideology app can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth to give you all the readouts which aren’t on the LCD screen.

An inverted front fork with a rear back-link that offers 5.5 inches of travel make up the suspension. Dual channel ABS on aluminum alloy wheels and a slipper clutch are some of the other notable features of this bike. Overall, this bike is excellent value for money.


  • KYB Inverted front fork
  • KYB horizontal back-link rear suspension
  • High-quality Dunlop Sportmax Roadsport tires


  • Only two colors
  • Small seat for the pillion passenger

2. KTM 890 Duke R

Engine Type: Transverse parallel twin | Engine Capacity: 889cc | Top Speed: 152 mph / 245 kph | Max Power: 121 HP | Max Torque: 73 lb-ft / 99 Nm | Wet Weight: 366 lbs / 166 kg | Seat Height: 32.8 inches / 83 cm

This bike oozes quality. The Bosch engine management system contains traction control along with wheelie control. High-quality parts have gone into this bike, such as the WP Apex front and rear shocks, and the Michelin Powercup II hypersport tires. Bosch dual channel ABS with Supermoto mode available give the rider some freedom to select ABS on the rear wheel or not.

The throttle by wire offers the rider precision in opening the throttle, and oil pumps that do the lubrication are some of its best features. The power-assisted slipper clutch is linked to the engine and brake control systems. Although this motorcycle has a lot going for it, its high price with an optional quickshifter and riding modes costing extra is a bit of a dampener.


  • WP Apex inverted front fork
  • WP Apex rear shock absorber
  • Bosch engine management system with IMU


  • Quite expensive
  • Extra riding modes costs more

3. Yamaha MT-09

Engine Type: Inline three- cylinder | Engine Capacity: 847cc | Top Speed: 137 mph / 220 kph | Max Power: 117 HP | Max Torque: 68.3 lb-ft / 93 Nm | Wet Weight: 425 lbs / 193 kg | Seat Height: 32.3 inches / 82 cm

The Yamaha MT-09 is available in three colors: Team Yamaha Blue, Matt Raven Black, or Cyan Storm. Its Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) integrates with the other control systems by taking data from them and then controlling the overall riding experience by using the traction control, slide control system, and lift control system.

A KYB front fork and a rear KYB shock absorber from its suspension with excellent long travel of 5.4 inches in the front, and 5.1 inches at the rear. This is one of the few bikes with enough space for the pillion rider on its single seat. An app to connect to the IMU through a smartphone so that the rider can read the parameters being controlled would have been ideal.

This is one of the lowest-priced motorcycles on this list and has plenty of features. Yamaha fans need not look further as this is the bike to buy.


  • KYB inverted front fork
  • KYB rear shock absorber
  • Slide Control System (SCS)


  • Cannot connect to a smartphone

4. Ducati SuperSport 950

Engine Type: Twin cylinder | Engine Capacity: 937cc | Top Speed: 186 mph / 300 kph | Max Power: 110 HP | Max Torque: 69 lb-ft / 93.5 Nm | Wet Weight: 405 lbs / 184 kg | Seat Height: 31.9 inches / 81 cm

The Ducati SuperSport 950 is expensive, but this motorcycle has outstanding looks and some very high-quality parts. It is packed with features that include various riding modes and ride-by-wire, plus Traction control, wheelie control, and Bosch cornering ABS.

Pirelli Diablo Rosso III tires are fitted as standard along with a Brembo Monobloc caliper front brake and a Sachs monoshock on the rear wheel. A color TFT display provides all the system readouts that the rider needs as well as the regular instruments. An anti-theft system is included with a Ducati Multimedia system.


  • Pirelli Diablo Rosso III tires
  • Rear Sachs monoshock
  • Ducati Quick Shift


  • Priced very high
  • Small seat for the pillion rider

5. BMW F 900 R

Engine Type: Inline two-cylinder | Engine Capacity: 895cc | Top Speed: 124 mph / 200 kph | Max Power: 99 HP | Max Torque: 67 lb-ft / 90.8 Nm | Wet Weight: 465 lbs / 211 kg | Seat Height: 30-34 inches / 76-86 cm

There are two versions of this motorcycle, the F 900 R, and the F 900 XR, which costs more. Probably its best feature is the BMW Motorrad Automatic Stability Control, along with the engine braking control.

The BMW Motorrad app can connect to the bike through your smartphone to view the engine parameters, or access riding logs and data from the instruments. BMW claims that the engine braking control can stop the rear wheel from sliding, and that their automatic stability control is the most popular optional factory-installed accessory.

The large color TFT display offers riding modes for rain and normal road conditions. Both front and rear suspension have extra-long travel, ensuring a comfortable ride on the worst terrain or roads with bumps.


  • High build quality
  • BMW Motorrad ASC (Automatic Stability Control)
  • Dynamic Traction Control (DTC)


  • It can get pricey when you start adding extras

6. Triumph Tiger 850 Sport

Engine Type: Inline three-cylinder | Engine Capacity: 888cc | Top Speed: 140 mph / 225 kph | Max Power: 84 HP | Max Torque: 60 lb-ft / 62.9 Nm | Wet Weight: 474 lbs / 128 kg | Seat Height: 31.9-32.7 inches / 83 cm

The Triumph Tiger 850 Sport is packed with features that make it a good deal. Two riding modes are available, which can be selected from the 5-inch color TFT display. Switchable traction control added to the slipper clutch and the ride-by-wire throttle make for added stability.

Triumph has kept up its reputation for quality with Brembo disc brakes on both wheels, with a Marzocchi front fork and rear suspension. Both of them have a massive 7 inches of travel, compared to many other bikes’ suspensions which often barely have 5 inches. Michelin Anakee Trail tires are supplied as standard, with Triumph’s latest generation ABS on both wheels. 

This is one of the few bikes that has a comfortable seat for the pillion rider as well, with adjustable seat height that can accommodate tall and short riders. Although the price is a bit high, this is a bike that can compete with the best on value for money and quality. Triumph also sells the Tiger 900 Series of bikes with an improved 900cc engine that costs more.

Although the Tiger 900 Series of bikes has certain advanced features that you might want to look at, and a few different versions that push the price up, the Triumph Tiger 850 Sport is the clear value-for-money bike. Collectors should note that in the Tiger 900 Series, there is a (James) Bond Limited Edition that has special Bond graphics with only 250 bikes manufactured worldwide.


  • Great looking bike
  • Brembo Stylema brake calipers on the front wheel
  • Rear wheel uses a Brembo single piston sliding caliper


  • No app to connect to the motorcycle

7. Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic LT

Engine Type: V-Twin | Engine Capacity: 903cc | Top Speed: 106 mph / 170 kph | Max Power: 49.6 HP | Max Torque: 58.1 lb-ft / 78.9 Nm | Wet Weight: 657 lbs / 298 kg | Seat Height: 26.8 inches / 68 cm

No buyer’s guide would be complete without the iconic Kawasaki Vulcan series, which was first launched in 1986. There are two versions, the 2022 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic LT, and the 2023 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic LT, which costs more. The 2022 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic LT is available in Pearl Robotic White and Pearl Nightshade Teal.

This is one of the few 900cc bikes that can boast of a very comfortable pillion seat with a backrest for the pillion rider. The high windshield with retro dome headlight are a throwback to the days of the “Easy Rider.” 

A Showa telescopic front fork with long travel makes up the front suspension, and the rear suspension is a Uni-Trak swingarm. Despite the Vulcan name, this bike lacks many of the features found on motorcycles in the same price range.


  • Showa telescopic fork with 5.9 inches of travel
  • Rear suspension is a Uni-Trak swingarm
  • Great build quality


  • Very expensive for what you are getting
  • No ABS

8. Yamaha V Star 950 Tourer

Engine Type: V-Twin | Engine Capacity: 942cc | Top Speed: 90 mph / 140 kph | Max Power: 52 HP | Max Torque: 57.2 lb-ft / 77.2 Nm | Wet Weight: 657 lbs / 298 kg | Seat Height: 26.6 inches / 68 cm

The Yamaha V Star 950 Tourer is available in only one color: Black Cherry. This motorcycle is similar to the Kawasaki Vulcan described above, but costs a fair bit extra. The retro looks will appeal to many, and it’s a great choice for diehard Yamaha fans.

It is worth mentioning its tubular-steel double cradle frame, and comfortable seating for both the rider and the pillion rider with a padded backrest as well, which can be removed. Leather-wrapped hard side bags on either side of the rear of the bike provide plenty of space to carry luggage when going on a long trip.


  • Tubular-steel double cradle frame
  • Leather-wrapped hard side bags
  • Removable windscreen


  • Very expensive for what you are getting
  • No ABS
  • Only one color

Is A 900cc Bike Too Big For A Beginner?

A 900cc bike is too big has too much power and weight for a beginner to comfortably handle. The ideal motorcycle for a beginner to learn on is any bike between 150cc to 250cc that does not have a lot of power. These bikes are much easier to handle, and generally much cheaper too.

Final Thoughts

900cc motorcycles are luxury bikes that incorporate the best of what technology has to offer to the motorcycle enthusiast. Small engines do have their advantages, but there are occasions when only high-powered bikes like these are needed. Although their prices are high, these motorcycles are designed to give their riders an outstanding riding experience.

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