Most Popular Color For A Tesla: Which Should You Get?

Every vehicle has a color its market most wants to get its hands on, and a Tesla is no different. Factors like how well a color sells, which best hides scratches, and which best holds its value determine popularity. Knowing these factors, you may wonder what the most popular color for a Tesla is. 

There is no definitive answer on the most popular color for a Tesla, although the default Pearl White is likely one of the most common. Pearl White is often regarded as the best color because it is the default, it hides scratches well, and it holds its value, even if it’s not the most ‘popular.’

Below, we will discuss how you can choose the best color for your Tesla. We will describe in detail factors like the most popular colors on the market, which Tesla color best holds its value, and which are the cheapest and most expensive. We will also discuss which interior color is best too. 

How To Choose The Right Color For Your New Tesla

Choosing the right color for your new Tesla depends on several variables. You want to ask yourself whether you are trying to achieve the best resale value, or if you would like to stand out from the other Teslas on the road. You may also be looking for the Tesla that can best hide imperfections, like scratches and small dents. 

If you are looking to maximize your value, you want to choose a color for the exterior and interior proven to best hold their value over time. If you would like a unique color, you will turn some heads, but it won’t be as easy to sell if its track record shows that its value depreciates more rapidly over time

Prices Vary By Color

You also want to look at overall price, as some Tesla colors sell cheaper than others. And if you want to grab the best bang for your buck, you need to know which colors run at lower prices or if they are included in the price. Some Tesla colors run at higher prices, mainly because the cost of production is higher. 

Given the Pearl White Multi-Coat is the standard at no extra cost, it’s no surprise it’s usually the most popular. It can cost an additional $1,000 or more depending on the color you choose, so it’s definitely a factor to consider. Bear in mind that you could always wrap your Tesla later down the line if you change your mind in terms of what you like.

Which Color Of Tesla Sells The Most? 

Model Color That Sells The Most
Model SSolid Black
Model 3Midnight Silver Metallic
Model XMidnight Silver Metallic, Deep Blue Metallic, Red Multi-Coat
Model YN/A

There is little information available regarding sales figures for different colors of Tesla. Sources have estimated that solid black holds the most popularity for the Model S, while the estimated bestselling Model X’s tend to be Midnight Silver Metallic, Deep Blue Metallic, and Red Multi-Coat. Midnight Silver Metallic also holds the top spot for the Model 3. 

The Model Y is the newest Tesla on the market, and though it is topping SUV sales in markets like California, you will not find any reliable sources depicting which color is winning out just yet. There is sound data regarding specific colors available for resale, but these numbers are not reliable when you are looking for current sales data regarding current Tesla colors

Which Colors Are Best For A Tesla?

Which Tesla color is best largely depends on personal preference, but some are better than others for different purposes. The cheapest is the default color, Pearl White. But if you want to hide scratches best you might opt for a different color, and bright colors are best for reflecting sunlight.

Although we cannot stress enough that the best colors for a Tesla are subjective to the individual, Pearl White Multi-Coat’s aesthetics are up there with the best for more than just the way they reflect light. For one, the color conceals imperfections like scratches well, making it easier to maintain as opposed to darker colors

It also doesn’t heat up as quickly as Teslas with darker exteriors, which may be ideal for those in hotter climates. However, take note that you will need lighter interior colors to maximize this effect


• Choosing the right color for your Tesla largely comes down to personal preference

• Pearl White is usually the most common because it’s the default color

• The best colors for your new Tesla will be whichever colors you like best! 

Which Color Of Tesla Is Cheapest?

The cheapest color of Tesla is usually Pearl White, regardless of the model. This is because it’s the default color. However, some regions will have other default colors for different models, and so it’s best to browse around when buying your Tesla to see which is cheapest in your area.

When you go to buy a Tesla, you will notice the price will vary depending on the color you choose. This is because some colors are more convenient to produce, which makes them more readily available for the company to use and therefore cheaper to source. If you are on a budget, you should know that some colors are included with the car’s retail price, while you will pay extra for others. 

Because it is included with the price, the cheapest color for all Teslas is Pearl White. So, another reason that you will see Pearl White voted as one of the best if not the best color for a Tesla is that you can buy one at no extra cost, regardless of the model. 

However, it’s worth noting that, in some regions, some models feature the Midnight Silver Metallic color at no extra cost as well. Again, this depends on where you are buying your Tesla, but it means the cheapest color isn’t always limited to Pearl White.

Which Color Of Tesla Is The Most Expensive?

The most expensive Tesla color is usually the Red Multi-Coat option. It can cost more than $2,500 extra on top of the car’s retail price, while colors like Pearl White and sometimes even Midnight Silver Metallic are included in the price. Deep Blue Metallic is usually the second most expensive.

If you love the way a certain color looks on a Tesla, you may be shocked to hear that it could cost you four figures more for your new car. Next to Pearl White and, in some cases, Midnight Silver Metallic, colors like Midnight Silver, Deep Blue Metallic, and Solid Black will cost you a substantial amount of extra money. 

However, they are not the most expensive Teslas on the market, as that honor goes to the Red Multi-Coat. Regardless of the Tesla model you are interested in buying, expect to fork out more cash for the Red Multi-Coat than any other color. And here is where things get interesting: Red Multi-Coat’s price will vary depending on the model you are interested in buying

If you are looking for the Model 3 or Y, you at least won’t have to spend quite as much money as if you were interested in purchasing a Model S or Model Y in that color. Interested in saving money? Just go with the Pearl White, and in some cases, Midnight Silver Metallic, and you will save yourself over a thousand dollars. 

What Color Of Tesla Holds The Most Value?

The color of Tesla that holds the most value depends on the model of Tesla you own. Red holds its value the best for the Model S, but for the Model X, it’s white or black. It’s too soon to tell what colors best hold their value for the Tesla Model 3 or Model Y.

Model S & Model X

For the Model S, red holds its value the most, while white and silver come in nearly tied for second. As for the least value for the Model S, brown and green do not clock in so well, with brown depreciating by about 25% within a few years. Green and gray also do not hold their value well. 

Because white, silver, and red hold up so well, they remain popular colors for Model S owners today. Meanwhile, it’s getting tougher to find brown, green, and gray, since Tesla has discontinued them. For the Model X, white and black hold their value better than any other colors. Interestingly, blue and red are the most likely colors to be discounted on the secondary market. 

Model 3 & Model Y

Because the Model 3 and Model Y are still relatively new, it is tougher to gauge which colors hold the most value. However, since red and blue Model 3s are not produced to the same extent as white, silver, and black, they tend to hold more value. Since the Model Y remains the newest of the four, with the first models released in 2020, there is no way to tell which colors hold their value the most.


• The cheapest color of Tesla is usually the Pearl White option

• The most expensive Tesla color is typically the Red Multi-Coat

• Different colors depreciate at different rates depending on the model

Which Color Of Tesla Hides Scratches The Best?

Lighter colors of Tesla tend to hide scratches better than darker colors. Tesla discontinued the light silver color, so the best current color for hiding scratches on your Tesla is the Pearl White option that comes default on each of the models, meaning it’s also the cheapest.

What Color Of Tesla Interior Is Best?

The best interior color for a Tesla largely depends on your own personal preferences, but it’s worth noting that the white interior can cost about $2,000 extra. The black interior will hide dirt and stains better, but it will get hot quite easily too. The white interior is fairly easy to clean.

The one issue with all black comes if you live in a warmer climate, as it will cause your Tesla to heat up substantially more as opposed to the white option. The extra cost for the white interior varies, but you will normally pay more if you are interested in purchasing a Model S or a Model X. 

The Model S and Model X also offer a cream interior, which will provide more comfort, but it will cost you extra as well. Overall, if it is your goal to keep costs down, go with the black interior, but if you have the budget and prefer the look and feel of the white or cream interior, you won’t be disappointed. 

Final Thoughts

Pearl White is generally the best color for a Tesla because it is the default and therefore cheapest color, reflects sunlight to keep the car cool, and hides scratches well. It also holds its value best for the Model S and Model X. 

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