How Does Lamborghini Advertise?

Lamborghinis have a reputation for being luxurious, well-engineered, and powerful cars. But unless you go looking you’re not likely to see Lamborghini advertisements, and this might leave you wondering how Lamborghini advertises to prospective buyers. 

Lamborghini advertises through a variety of channels and mediums, including social media, car TV shows, motor events, magazines, and promotion deals with various vendors. Time and experience have taught Lamborghini that this is the best way to reach and inspire their customers. 

Lamborghini’s advertisement strategy is well thought out, as luxury supercars are much more difficult to sell than your everyday typical model. If you want to understand the ins and outs of Lamborghini’s marketing efforts, keep reading, as we’re going to examine them in detail below. 

Who Is The Target Audience For Lamborghini?

Lamborghini’s target audience is usually middle-aged males or wealthy individuals, with higher status positions in society. This is the section of the population that has the money to afford luxury supercars like Lamborghinis, and so their target market is quite small.

Lamborghini advertises to this audience because the brand itself is seen as a status symbol. This means that prices can be heavily increased, as this section of the market is demanding the highest possible quality and doesn’t mind paying for the brand and its reputation alone

Lamborghini Luxury Doesn’t Come Cheap

The average cost of a Lamborghini can run well over $200,000. There’s a very limited audience and market that has the wealth or the demand for expensive supercars. Supercar manufacturers have to have an intimate understanding of their target audience’s wants and desires. 

The sheer cost of producing a high-quality car like a Lamborghini necessitates that they are very selective about their buyers. While other car manufacturers need to sell as many cars as possible to make a profit, manufacturers like Lamborghini have to sell to the right people. That means they focus on a very narrow audience. 

Why Are Lamborghinis So Expensive? 

Lamborghinis cost so much because they’re produced in very limited numbers, this keeps the product scarce. When something is perceived as rare or hard to get it becomes much more attractive to people with the great number of resources and wealth to easily afford a Lamborghini or other luxury cars. 

Lamborghinis are made out of higher quality materials, which ups the manufacturing costs. Cars that are made out of steel and plastic can be sold cheaper, whereas a Lamborghini uses carbon fiber and leather for the interior. 

Finally, Lamborghinis are all hand-built. Most car manufacturers are increasingly relying on automation and robots to produce cars in large quantities, at quick speeds. Lamborghini takes the opposite approach. They only use robots to bear the weight of a car, and everything else is handcrafted by professionals. This further adds to the image of high individual car quality at the cost of quantity. 

Does Lamborghini Advertise On TV?

Lamborghini doesn’t create advertisements solely for TV, and you wouldn’t be able to view any Lamborghini ads between programs on any of the major channels. That doesn’t mean that they don’t use the television to advertise their cars in other ways though, as product placement is very useful. 

Catering To The Right Viewers

Television programs that focus solely on cars often have slots in their show that will be dedicated to showing off the capabilities of supercars. One example is Top Gear showcasing the Lamborghini Aventador. The show highlights the price and performance of the car, and also the timeless high-quality approach that Lamborghini takes with all its cars. 

This is an excellent way for Lamborghini to show off any new cars, they understand that car fanatics with money will be eager to purchase the latest Lamborghini model. This also further enhances Lamborghinis reputation as being highly sort after, exclusive, and rare. 

In order to sell the cars, they have to cultivate this kind of brand, as enough competitors are making high-quality supercars – it necessitates Lamborghini to cultivate a certain image. So while you won’t see any generic TV ads for a Lambo, you’ll often see them in specific programs that they believe will showcase their cars to the right audience.

Why Lamborghini Doesn’t Advertise On TV

Lamborghini doesn’t advertise on TV for a few reasons. The primary reason is that they are aware as a company that most people don’t have the disposable income to afford these kinds of cars

A new Lamborghini can cost anywhere from $200,000 to several million dollars. They are expensive to make, they aren’t produced in great quantities, and it costs tons of money to advertise, ship, and properly market these cars. 

A Very Exclusive Club

Lamborghini simply believes they won’t reach enough of their target audience with generic TV ads. The budget used for marketing is better spent in other areas, as they understand that they won’t get potential buyers even if they used enormous amounts of money to advertise their cars on TV

Television ads are a great way to spread awareness and interest in a product, it’s like casting a wider net to catch as many fish as possible. This strategy doesn’t work when you know people are interested in your product but it’s just not feasibly affordable for them.

Most people with an interest in cars will know about Lamborghinis, spreading awareness and interest in their cars is not the chief concern. Their chief concern is convincing people who can afford their cars why they should buy theirs instead of a Ferrari. 

Harmful Advertisement

Not only does Lamborghini think it’s not beneficial to their brand to put out advertisements on the TV, they think it might be harmful. This is due to the importance Lamborghini places on the scarcity of their cars. Being advertised alongside more affordable car manufacturers could potentially damage their image and negatively impact the sale of their cars. 

In general, Lamborghini believes that its marketing and advertisement efforts are best utilized elsewhere. They prefer other channels that have the potential to reach out to more of their target demographic while enabling them to spend advertisement money more strategically. 

Where Does Lamborghini Advertise?

Lamborghini advertises in car magazines. This is because it ticks all the boxes for their target audience: mainly men, who are wealthy and interested in cars. Magazine adverts also have feature pages and get expert testimonials and reviews, which are more likely to attract potential buyers. 

Another advantage that magazines have is that they play into the interest of the audience. TV adverts have to convince someone why they should buy a product, usually within very limited timeframes. Anyone reading car magazines is already interested, and the more information you can give them, the better.

Dealer Promotions 

It’s a difficult challenge for any supercar dealership to get enough people in the door with the money to purchase their cars. One such way they can do this is by doing dealer promotions, these can be all kinds of events. It’s not uncommon for dealerships to put on supercar convoys, as this is a fantastic way of drumming up interest in the right buyers. 

They can also host events where owners of these cars can show off their vehicles, usually sponsored by the garage or dealership. This is a very resourceful way of spending a little money to get buyers motivated to purchase their cars, as many will see the cars and their owners and want one for themselves.

Motor Shows

There are many motor shows worldwide, one of the most well-known is the Geneva Motor Show hosted in Switzerland. This is a way for supercar manufacturers to showcase their latest and greatest models. Some of them can be quite high-profile events that attract a ton of media attention. 

While car dealerships need to attract customers from the local area, motor shows often bring the buyers directly to the companies. This isn’t small-scale either, as international events can attract massive amounts of people, and the pressure is on for companies to make the most of these events. 

Word Of Mouth

Sometimes the best methods of advertisement are the oldest. Lamborghini considers word-of-mouth advertisement to be one of the most important factors of its success. This is due to the idea that the cars are of such high-quality and rarity that they sell themselves. 

The focus is on producing cars that give their owners so much pleasure to own that friends of the owner, who are likely to be earning similar amounts of money will want to buy one for themselves. In many ways this is true, car enthusiasts are always looking for updates from their favorite car manufacturer

Lamborghini doesn’t exactly have to go out of their way to create buzz or interest in their cars, even rumors about new developments can send the automobile world into a frenzy.

Social Media

Last and most importantly is social media. Considering Lamborghini emphasis on sticking to tradition and creating fantastic cars that stand the test of time, it may be surprising to find out that they have wholeheartedly embraced social media as an advertising platform.

While you’re not likely to see YouTube adverts or quick posts about the latest Lamborghini it’s not uncommon to find social media content around supercars. This is because for considerably cheaper costs than TV advertisements, they can use influencers with big followers to market their cars for them

The focus is on creating good content, this could be a small series about the latest model, or even tours of the Lamborghini headquarters in Sant’Agata Bolognese. This is because, with the advent of social media starts, there is an increase in younger people with more wealth or younger people with wealthier families, who might want to emulate their favorite social media stars

Final Thoughts

Lamborghini advertises strategically and to the right people. They do this primarily through product placement and social media, occasionally using other methods like magazine advertising and through motor shows. Lamborghini doesn’t use traditional advertising, such as on television.

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